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You don’t want to hire just any builder to help design and build your custom who cellar for your home or business. You want to work with a trusted company composed of a knowledgeable and creative team of designers. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we always ensure that we build custom wine rooms with flair, beauty, stylish features, and high-quality components. Transforming any room into a functional wine storage and display area is our expertise and our passion.

We Design Custom Wine Cellars with Passion and Creativity

There is a standard procedure that experts should follow when designing residential and commercial custom wine cellars. Skipping or not doing a step correctly can result in serious problems in the future. To avoid this, it is best to hire an expen like Classic Custom Wine Cellars.

We have completed wine room installation projects in Texas with the goal of exceeding their expectations. Our team has been designing custom wine rooms for many years. Our passion and extensive experience make us one of the most reliable builders in USA.

3-Dimensional Drawings

When Classic Custom Wine Cellars handles your custom wine cellar design, first you will be given a free design package. It includes the CAD images that show the different elevations, racking styles, dimensions, and bottle capacities of the racking on each wall.

The drawings help us visualize the completed wine room. It also allows the owner to make changes to the design. After the client’s approval, we will be-gin the construction stage.

Examples of 3D Rendering

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What are the Elements and Factors We Consider When Designing Custom Wine Cellars?

When your Classic team begins your custom design, we will visit the location and sit down with you to discuss all of your requirements. This crucial step helps us determine the correct components to be used for the project These include the racking, wine cooling system, door, flooring, insulation, and lighting system.

With your custom wine room design, we consider the following factors:


Your purpose of building a wine cellar (Is it for residential or commercial use? Do you intend to use it for entertaining?)


Your aesthetic preferences (What style of wine cellar do you want traditional, contemporary, or transitional? Do you want the refrigeration equipment to be hidden?)


Existing decor of your home, hotel, bar, restaurant, or wine store


Size and location of your wine room


Sizes and numbers of bottles you intend to collect


Your budget

Residential and Commercial Custom Cellars

Classic Custom Wine Cellars follows the same steps for both residential and commercial wine rooms. Keep in mind that when we design commercial wine cellars, we suggest incorporating wine racks designed to achieve a high-capacity wine storage system.
Massive wine storage in a commercial setting can help in-crease the profit of your business because you are making various choices to your customers. It gives them the opportunity to browse wines from different regions, resulting in a purchase.
When designing residential wine cellars, we usually incor-porate elements for relaxing and enjoying your wine. Furniture such as tables and chairs are a great addition for owners that enjoy hosting wine tasting parties. This feature provides a place for decanting and serving the wine, and for taking down notes.

Combining wood and metal elements creates a beautiful and distinct transitional design for this restaurant wine storage.

Wine Cellar Style

The three main styles of wine cellar are traditional, contemporary, and transitional. It is essential for us to know the overall appeal that you want for your wine room. Traditional wine cellars are common in the Texas Hill Country. We use wood wine racks and elegant features for this type of wine room. Wood adds a warm ambiance to the wine cellar. It is easy to work with, allowing us to create stylish designs with ease.

Contemporary wine cellars are gaining in popularity, both in residential and commercial applications. A contemporary wine room usually contains metal wine racks and a more minimalist design. Metal wine racks go well with any decor, offer installation flexibility, and are ideal for maximum storage in limited spaces.

If you want to combine wood and metal elements in your wine cellar, we will create a transitional design to suit your needs. Combining modern and classic designs will result in a unique wine room.

No matter what style ideas you want to incorporate, Classic will create a custom wine cellar design tailored specifically for your home or business.

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Number and Sizes of Your Bottles

When creating your custom wine cellar design, we have to know the number of bottles you intend to collect This step will help us determine the size and style of wine racks to use. If you are collecting wines in bulk, we will incorporate wood case storage or rectangular bins.

If you are collecting bottles of various sizes, you’ll want to inform us during the assessment stage. We will incorporate wine racks that will accommodate standard, split, and large format bottles (Champagne, Magnums, etc.).

Size of your Wine Room

The size of the room is an essential factor in determining the size and capacity of the wine refrigeration system. If your wine cooling unit is too small or large for the size of your wine cellar, it will not be able to achieve the optimum conditions required for the proper aging of your wines.

Financial Requirements

Let us know the budget for your wine room project so we can easily design and plan the components to install. We will work on your budget without compromising the beauty and functionality of your wine cellar.

Custom Design Your Wine Cellar with the Top Builder in the Texas Hill Country

Prevent regrets in the future by working with Classic Custom Wine Cellars. With extensive experience, creativity, and passion, we will design and build your dream wine room with keen attention to detail.

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