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Wine storage problems can be caused by more than a low-grade wine refrigeration system. Your door also plays a significant role in preserving the quality of your wines and achieving the overall aesthetic appeal that you desire for your cellar. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, all of our doors are stylish, commercial grade, and equipped with sealing components to ensure stable conditions in your wine room.

Classic Custom Wine Cellars is here to answer all of your questions and help you design and create the perfect residential or commercial wine cellar. We have years of experience working in the Texas Hill Country and are excited to put our expertise to use for you.

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Commercial-Grade Custom Wine Cellar Door Designed and Installed by an Expert: How Important is it?

The door to your wine cellar does so much more than help to maintain temperature and humidity. Your wine cellar door is the first thing that welcomes guests as they enter your wine cellar. Your door must be given careful consideration when it comes to both forms and function. Make sure you work with an expert in the design and construction of custom wine cellar doors.

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars we consider the door a critical component of a wine room construction. Choosing the wrong door will affect the overall appeal of your space, the efficiency of your wine refrigeration system, quality of your wines, and the structural integrity of your wine cellar.

One of the main effects of storing wines in poor conditions is spoilage. Unstable temperatures and varying humidity levels will damage the overall quality of your wines. It is the main reason wines are ideally kept in a climate-controlled wine room.

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Create an Airtight Seal to Prevent Fluctuating Temperatures and Varying Humidity Levels from Damaging Your Wines

One of the factors that help keep the optimum conditions in a custom wine cellar is the proper sealing of the room. When there are unsealed gaps around the door, the warm air will enter and the cold air will escape the cellar.
This glass front wall and door is the perfect compliment to a modern wine room. What will you choose for your custom wine cellar, Air will leak if your door is built by someone who lacks knowledge about the technical and functional requirements for custom wine cellar doors. Another adverse effect of improper sealing of a wine cellar is the breakdown of the wine refrigeration system.

Air leakage will interfere with the cooling efficiency of your wine cooling unit, forcing it to work harder than its normal operation. Moreover, it will result in higher energy consumption. If you want to avoid surging electric bills, make sure you seek the help of a professional wine cellar door manufacturer and installer.

Constructed Using Innovative Technology

We construct all of our wooden doors using LVL technology. In humid conditions, ordinary doors can easily warp. Through the LVL process, our doors are highly resistant to warping and are made more durable by connecting multiple thin wood layers with adhesives. Additionally, this technique improves the insulating properties of our doors, preventing unstable storage conditions from damaging your wines.

Another technique we use in making doors is a mortise and tenon technique. In this process, two pieces of wood (mortise and tenon), are joined and interlocked to form strong and stable corners.

Weather Stripped and Equipped with an Automatic Door Bottom

One of the standard features of our custom wine cellar doors is weather stripping. We seal the gaps around the edges to prevent air from going to and from the wine room. We also equip every door with an automatic door bottom to keep the door closed.

LVL technology creates stronger doors that do a better job of protecting your valuable collection.

Solid Wooden Doors

Wood is a popular material in constructing solid doors. We recommend wooden doors for wine collectors who want to achieve a traditional look. It adds a warm ambiance to your space. The standard thickness of our wood doors is 3 3/4″. We hand-carve the designs using our available formats or based on your ideas. We also know that wine collectors want their storage spaces to look as good as they function, so we’ll coordinate your door with other elements, such as flooring.

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Durable Wood Species That We Use in Custom Wine Cellar Door Installations 


Premium Mahogany


African Mahogany


Knotty Alder


Clear Alder








Hand-Forged Wrought Iron Doors

You can add a vintage look to your custom wine cellar by choosing a wrought iron door designed by an expert. You may combine wrought iron with wood or glass. Discuss your requirements with our experts. You can incorporate your own design to create a unique door design.

Our wrought iron doors are hand-forged and are constructed with wood, glass, or a combination of both. Intricate designs on your wrought iron door will add elegance to your wine cellar, while cleaner looks can give a more traditional feel to your wine cellar entryway.

Important Features of Our Wrought Iron Custom Wine Cellar Doors


Standard thickness is 1 ½”.


Insulated with high-quality polyurethane foam insulation


Equipped with weather stripping using foam and rubber around the glass frame, door frame, and rubber sweep


Glass Wine Cellar Doors

We recommend glass wine cellar doors for some residential and commercial wine cellars because they allow your guests to enjoy the view of your wine collection displayed in gorgeous wine racks. Customers buy what they can see, so in commercial settings, visibility can increase your sales dramatically.

We use tempered glass panels with a thickness of 5/8″ to maximize the insulation.

Invest in a Stylish and Effective Custom Wine Cellar Door for Your Residential or Commercial Wine Cellar 

A beautiful, durable, and sealed custom wine cellar door will protect your wines from damage and enhance the beauty of your space. If you need help, do not hesitate to talk to one of our experts at (830) 420-0211!

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