Wine collecting can be hassle-free if you consult with a professional wine cellar designer and builder. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we do not want you to suffer from costly mistakes. Therefore, we want you to be aware of the different wine storage problems and the services we offer to provide solutions that fit your needs.

Wine Cellar Service Maintenance: What Experts in the Texas Hill Country Have to Offer

Wine cellars are intended to store wines at ideal temperatures and humidity levels. How can you be sure that your wine room will preserve your wine collection for many years to come and not cause any problem in the future?

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we follow standard procedures when constructing wine cellars and install high-grade components to prevent costly mistakes in the future.

Poor Wine Storage Conditions or Extreme Changes in Temperature and Humidity Levels

Storing wine in a room with poor storage conditions will cause spoilage. Wine will age gracefully in an environment equipped with a reliable wine cooling system. To achieve optimum conditions required to preserve your wine’s quality, it is crucial that you contact a trusted expert like Classic Custom Wine Cellars.

The two most common causes of unstable wine cellar conditions are poor insulation and an inefficient wine cooling system.

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Inefficient Wine Cellar Cooling System

If your chosen contractor installed a wine cooling unit that does not suit the size and other requirements of your wine cellar, you will encounter problems that will cause you to spend a hefty amount of money. A regular air conditioning system designed for homes is not recommended for wine rooms because they are not intended for achieving the ideal wine storage environment.

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we will size your wine refrigeration system by performing a heat load calculation. This process will also help us determine the ideal type of cooling unit (self-contained, ducted, and ductless systems) and the capacity required for the size of your wine cellar.

Keep in mind that installing a climate-control system that is too small or too large for your wine cellar will result in unstable conditions. As one of the top wine cellar builders and designers in Texas, Classic Custom Wine Cellars always makes sure that the correct wine refrigeration unit is installed in your wine room.

Wine Cellar Cooling System Refrigerant Leak: Why Seek the Help of a Service Maintenance Expert 

Another common problem faced by residential and commercial wine cellar owners is a leaking refrigerant from your wine cooling unit. Seeking the help of a professional like Classic Custom Wine Cellars is the best option. Doing so will fix the problem immediately. Do not wait for that problem to cause serious damage to your equipment and fine wines.

We will determine the location of the leak using either of the following methods:


Freon Electronic Leak


UV Light methods


Bubble Leak

Water Leaking from Your Wine Cooling Unit

Classic Custom Wine Cellars knows and understands the adverse effects of poor insulation. One of these is the leakage of water from your wine cooling system.

When you see water coming out of your wine cooling system, you have to start worrying. Excess condensation is the leading cause of this type of problem. Ignoring it will damage your favorite vintages. The possible reason for the water leak is poor insulation of your wine room.

Aside from insulating the room correctly, we also equip wine cellar doors with sealing components such as weather stripping and an automatic door bottom.

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Wine Cellar Service Maintenance: What a Professional Can Do to Help You with Wine Storage Problems

Avoid costly mistakes in the future by looking for the following signs in your wine cellar:


It is not cooling.


You see moisture on the walls, wine labels, or in the ceiling.


Your wine cellar refrigeration system is leaking.


Your wines have gone bad.

When you see any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact Classic Custom Wine Cellars. Let us know the problem so we can provide the perfect wine cellar service maintenance for your needs. We have been helping residential and commercial wine cellar owners throughout the Texas Hill Country in saving their wine investment from waste.

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