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Stone flooring is a beautiful compliment to this custom residential wine cellar. What will you choose for your floor?

Classic Custom Wine Cellars can build your entire custom wine cellar, from the lighting in the ceiling to the custom flooring. In fact, floors are often overlooked when .. But proper flooring is a critical element in wine cellar construction.

Make your wine cellar stand out with stylish and functional flooring installed by Classic Custom Wine Cellars! Our unique flooring options will also add aesthetic value to your residential or commercial wine room. Learn more and choose one that suits you!

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A Knowledgeable and Experienced Builder Installs Stylish Flooring Correctly

One of the elements of a wine cellar that is often neglected is the flooring. Working with an expert will save you from costly mistakes that can result in a waste of your time and invest-ment. As an experienced Texas wine cellar builder, Custom Wine Cellars can be trusted when it comes to deter-mining the ideal style of flooring for your needs and installing it correctly.

Understanding the Benefits of Correct installation of Flooring in Your Wine Cellar 

A stable environment is ideal for long-term wine storage. Poor conditions will damage your collection. Correct preparation and installation of the components will safeguard your wines from spoilage. In addition to wall and ceiling insulation, another component in wine cellar construction that must be completed by a professional is the flooring. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we know how to install your flooring to prevent issues in the futures. We offer different styles of flooring that will suit each client’s needs.

Premium hardwood flooring is the perfect match for this tradition, custom wine cellar.

What You Most Keep in Mind About Wine Cellar Flooring

You wine cellar flooring should be able to support the weight of your entire , the wines, furniture, cabinetry, and other items in your wine cellar. When building wine cellars above the ground, we have to follow the rule that 500 bottles is equal to approximately 2,000 pounds or a ton.

Also remember that your flooring must be solid so it can withstand the humid conditions in a refrigerated wine room. We do not recommend carpet for this kind of space because it provides a breeding place for mold and is not resistant to stain.

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What are the Different Flooring Materials We Use for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellar Projects?

As you visualize and plan for your custom wine cellar, be sure to understand the available materials for wine cellar flooring and how they affect the visual appeal of your wine room. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we use cork, reclaimed wine barrels, stone (slate, marble, or brick), mosaic, tiles, and other types of hardwood. If you want to be more eco-friendly, consider cork or wine barrel flooring.

The dark, rich tones of the racking in this luxurious residential wine cellar are complimented and highlighted by the more neutral floor.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a sustainable material. This type of flooring is stylish, insect resistant (contains suberin), and comfortable to the feet. To protect it from moisture and make it resistant to mold and other fungi, we treat the cork material.

Wine Barrel Flooring Adds an Old World Feel to Your Wine Cellar

Oak wine barrels play a crucial role in storing wines before bottling. They impart flavors, tint, and texture to the wine. After several years, wineries thought of a way to recycle the used barrels. Instead of letting them go to the landfill, Classic Custom Wine Cellars and many builders in Texas use re-claimed wine barrels to make stylish wine cellar flooring. We break down the barrels into long strips and engineer them to create unique flooring. We engineer the wood to create planks with 5/8″ thickness.

Wine barrel flooring adds a historic touch to your wine room. Depending on your preference, you can choose between three kinds of barrel flooring: Stave, Cooperage, and Wine Infusion.

Stave Wine Barrel Flooring

We use the exterior parts of the wine barrel to make stave flooring. The metal hoops, which bind the staves, contain various markings that will make this type of flooring unusual.

Cooperage Wine Barrel Flooring

In addition to the exterior parts of the oak barrel, we also utilize the top and bottom sections where you will find cooper stamps that are used to iden-tify the vintage stored in the barrel and the logo of the winery. No two strips contain exactly the same markings.

Wine Infusion Flooring

The inner portion of the barrel has a reddish color. The shades of red were imparted by the wine stored in the barrel. Using the wine-infused side of the barrels creates a dark burgundy color on your flooring.

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This tile floor also incorporates tiles painted with a beautiful grape vine for a stylish flare and personal touch.

Stone Wine Cellar Flooring

If you want stone flooring for your wine cellar, you can choose between bock, slate, marble, or travertine. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we will sit down with you and discuss each option so you can choose the best style that suits your needs. You can create a design from your imagination or you may ask our creative designers for suggestions.

Although the sealing agent is optional, we recommend it to protect your flooring and achieve a glossy appearance. The type of sealant will depend on the type of stone used.


Another elegant and one-of-a-kind style of flooring makes use of stained glass or porcelain tiles from China. After breaking down these materials, the artisan will create wine-related designs, images of humans or animals, or any geometric design. They are affixed to a mason boards, grouted, and applied a protective glaze as a sealant.


Wine cellar flooring made with tiles are a favorite in residential and wine cellar applications because they are durable and easy to clean. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we suggest painted tiles if you want to add character to your flooring and protect it from scratches.

Wine barrel flooring like this does a great job and also gives a lot of personality and individuality to your wine cellar.

Looking for a Chic and Safe Wine Cellar Flooring? Talk to an Expert.

Be selective when choosing a style of flooring for your wine cellar. Choose one that fits your aesthetic, functional, and financial requirements. If you want a hassle-free and enjoyable design and build process, make sure you’re working with the best. Call us today at (830) 420-0211 and talk to one of our specialists at Classic Custom Wine Cellars. We can’t wait to get started!

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