Wine Cellar Rolling Ladders

A Guide to Wine Cellar Rolling Ladders: Styles, Features, and Benefits

Wine cellars like this make excellent use of space, and a ladder keeps all the bottles within reach.

Wine collecting a satisfying and enjoyable hobby. Whether you are planning to build a residential or commercial wine cellar, you want a facility that is designed to provide easy access to the wines. Every project we , is unique, because every customer has their own needs and wants, and every space has different requirements.

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we offer rolling ladders for our customers to reach the wines in taller wine racks with ease. Keep reading to learn more about the different styles and features of rolling ladders.

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Why Wine Cellar Rolling Ladders are Recommended by an Expert Builder 

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, our team has extensive experience in creating wine display and storage facilities for residential and commercial applications. When building your wine cellar, we will help visualize your dream wine cellar by incorporating your desired features into the design.

However, we also make suggestions to increase the functionality and aesthetic value of your wine room. Our goals is to provide you the perfect wine storage solution for your prized collection.

We often install floor to ceiling wine racks. In wine cellars with high ceilings, we always recommend the addition of a rolling ladder. Using it will eliminate the need to stand on a platform or high chair to reach the bottles stored beyond your reach. It also adds a beautiful and classic touch to your wine storage.

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we offer high-quality rolling ladders available in stylish options and features. We want our clients in the Texaas Hill Country to be able to access their wines with ease.

Different Style Options for Wine Cellar Ladders for Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars

Each client has unique requirements. Our Classic Team will schedule an on-site visit and make a careful assessment of your needs that will help us determine the best components for your wine cellar. We will ask you questions that will aid us in deciding the style, material, and accessories required in order for your wine room to be a safe, elegant, and more organized.

If you want to personalize your wine cellar ladder, we recommend customization options for the style, material, finish, handrails, wheel housing, brackets, and assemblies.

Rolling ladders can be designed to fit any number of wine storage solutions. What do you have in mind for your project?

You Can Choose Between Straight and Bent Wine Cellar Ladder

We offer two types of rolling ladders for wine cellars. If you have single deep wine racks, you can use a straight ladder. In other situations, a bent rolling ladder might be the ideal option for double deep wine racks.

Wheel Housing

We have various designs for the housing of your rolling ladder. One of our favorites is the sunburst pattern for wooden rolling ladders. A contemporary housing assembly is also a favorite option for our clients. It is the standard housing for metal ladders.

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Wood or Metal Rolling Ladder

A wooden rolling ladder is a favorite choice among master builders and designers. Wood adds a warm ambiance to a space and matches both traditional and contemporary style wine cellars. The most common species wcascara Alder, Redwood, Mahogany, Cherry, and Red Oak. Most of them look quite attractive when left unfinished. We can also finish your wooden ladder to give it a slightly different look that better fits the aesthetic of your cellar.

Our metal rolling ladders are sleek and elegant. They go well with any existing decor. Moreover, they are also made of sturdy material and easy to maintain. When appropriately cared, they can last for many years.

At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we offer coat or stain options for your rolling ladder to help achieve the look that you want.

Is adding a custom ladder the right choice for your Texas Hill Country wine cellar?

For metal rolling ladder, you can choose from the following coats:








Gloss black


Metallic beige


Colored powder coat

Standard powder-coated finishes for the hardware include:






Dark Chocolate




Beige Metallic

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The right ladder isn’t just convenient it, a safety feature.

Other Important Features of a Wine Cellar Rolling Ladder from Your Expert Builders 

You may choose to add more features to your rolling ladder to make it more functional, stylish, and safe. Our rolling ladders do not come with handrails. You can add handrails on just one side of the ladder, or you may opt for a handrail on both sides for added security when climbing up.

Handrails are typically flushed to the sides. However, you may opt for hand bars that extend beyond the ladder. We also offer rubber safety treads. We can place them on every step of the ladder to prevent you from slipping.

We have ladders designed to be transferred from one wall to another through a track. Since they are affixed to the track, they require a roller assembly. For other setups, we can use a hook assembly for ladders that can be lifted or removed from the track. The brackets are partly dependent on the type of assembly used.

Add a Rolling Ladder to Your Wine Cellar. Work with an Expert Builder.

Classic Custom Wine Cellars recommends adding a rolling ladder to your wine room if you have tall wine racks that extend beyond your reach. You can customize your ladder to make it more stylish.

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