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Classic Custom Wine Cellars: The Texas Hill Country’s Premier Designer & Builder

You’ve decided to add a custom wine cellar to your home or business, and Classic Custom Wine Cellars is here to help. There are a lot of reasons to build a wine storage solution. The primary motivation is to create a space that will store and protect your valuable collection. Beyond that, each storage system is unique and requires an individual touch. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars we pride ourselves on that sort of individual attention and care.

Residential wine cellars can give a homeowner a showcase to display their collection as well as provide a beautiful and relaxing setting for enjoying a glass of wine. They can be a focal point in a home’s interior design. They can offer an escape from the world or a place to visit friends and family.

An elegant commercial wine display can increase wine and liquor sales, protect your investment, and give a “wow” factor to your establishment A properly designed, built, and maintained custom wine cellar in your business will last for years to come. Improper design and construction will cause nothing but headaches. Working with a master builder like Classic Custom Wine Cellars will prevent significant problems in the future. Learn how we design and build functional and stylish wine rooms.

Classic Custom Wine Cellars: Premier Builder

Classic Custom Wine Cellars works with experienced and passionate builders in creating exceptional wine storage facilities for homes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores in the Texas Hill Country. Our team is composed of experts in wine storage and refrigeration. Whether you are dreaming of a traditional or contemporary style wine cellar, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

We build wine rooms with form and function in mind. We understand the importance of utilizing the right components to ensure that the perfect wine storage environment is achieved. We care for our client’s wine collection. Therefore, we want them to have a long-lasting enjoyment with their precious wines.

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Crucial Elements in Custom Wine Cellar Construction

For Classic Wine Cellars, it is essential that we meet your aesthetic, functional, and financial requirements. Before creating a design, we always make sure that we understand your needs. By following steps carefully and using our extensive knowledge, we can build a custom wine cellar that exceeds your expectations.

Making a Careful Assessment: an Essential Step Before Creating the Design

Once you have decided to work with us, Classic Custom Wine Cellars will do an on-site visit in your home or commercial establishment and assess the location, your budget, and a lot more. We always ask useful questions and take note of every detail necessary for building a custom wine cellar.

*What is your intention of building a custom wine cellar? Is it a residential or commercial wine storage? If residential, are you planning to entertain friends in your wine storage room?

* How many bottles do you intend to display and store in your wine cellar?

* What are the sizes of the bottles that you want to store in the wine racks?

* What is the overall appeal that you desire for your wine room (traditional, contemporary, transitional, something else)?

* Do you want the wine cellar cooling unit to be visible or hid-den in the wine room?

* What is your budget?

Classic Custom Wine Cellars can create the perfect storage solution, no matter your needs.

Answering these questions will help us determine the components that best suit your needs and requirements, including the design and material of your racking design, size and type of your refrigeration system, type of flooring, and the style of your door.

Wine Rack Options: Customized Racking is the Best

When choosing the style of your wine racks, we see to it that we maximize your available space. We offer kit and custom wine racks. Kit wine racks are readily built and are available in various sizes. Since they are not customized, they are less expensive and are ideal for budget-savvy wine collectors.
Keep in mind that choosing custom wine racks over kit racking offers many benefits. Although more costly than ready-made wine racks, customized wine racks are recommended. This way, you have the opportunity to incorporate any feature you want into the design. In some of our custom wine cellar projects, we had clients who wanted to add a cigar humidor, display areas, and storage cabinets within the racking.
Additionally, custom wine racks will be built to fit perfectly into the size and shape of your wine room. They are ideal for wine cellars with an irregular or odd shape, like spaces under the stairs or tiny walk-in closets. Another advantage of customizing your wine racks is that it adds a unique touch to your cellar because your personal style is reflected into the design.

This lattice style is a popular, attractive, and practical way to store wine in bulk.

Traditional or Contemporary Wine Racks?

Traditional wine racks are made of wood. With various sizes and styles available, you can create a racking design that will impress guests. There are also stackble wine racks that allow for increasing the bottle capacity without having to modify the existing racking. Wooden wine racks add warmth to custom wine cellars.

Contemporary wine racks, on the other hand, are made of metal and have a sleeker look. They are the best choice if you want to achieve a minimalist space in your home or commercial property. They are easy to clean and provide a clear view of the bottles.

Metal wine racks by VintageView are famous for their label forward configuration. This feature allows for ease in locating specific types of wine because the labels are facing out. There is no need to flip the bottle, which prevents disturbing the sediments. Flipping the bottle will result in unpleasant flavors.

Another advantage of choosing metal wine racks is maximum capacity. They can fit even narrow areas and small corners. They can also be mounted on the wall to free up the use of floor space.

The Cooling System: One of the Most Important Elements in Your Custom Wine Cellar Construction

Metal wine racks are on elegant way to moke your bottles the focal point in your custom wine cellar.

Cooling systems can be tricky – call Classic Custom Wine Cellars and let our experts help,

The refrigeration system plays a significant role in the proper preservation of your wine collection. The wrong choice or lack of an efficient cooling unit in a wine cellar will result in serious problems. At Classic Custom Wine Cellars, we use only commercial grade climate-control systems from trusted manufacturers.

We consider several factors when choosing the type, capacity, and brand of wine cooling unit to use for every project. We always make sure that it is capable of achieving the optimum conditions in the wine cellar. The temperature must fall between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity level must be 60 to 70 percent.

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Wine Cellar Doors

With various types of doors, it is crucial that you consult a specialist like Classic Custom Wine Cellars. We have doors that are readily available. If you choose to customize your door, we will incorporate your preferred design to create an elegant entryway to your wine cellar. It is also vital for us to insulate all of our walls to help create the ideal environment necessary for your wines to age gracefully.

Wood-Based Doors

Our wooden doors are handcrafted and constructed using LVL technology. Wood options include Clear Alder, Knotty Alder, African Mahogany, Walnut, Knotty Walnut, Maple, Douglas Fir, and Cherry. Depending on your personal preference, you may opt for a solid wooden door or combine wood with etched glass, stained glass, or wrought iron. Doors with arched and rectangular to are available.

Finding the right door is not only important artistically, critical to maintain temperature and humidity in your wine cellar.

Wrought Iron Doors Add a Vintage Appeal to Custom Wine Cellars 

Hand-forged wrought iron doors are becoming more popular in the construction and design industry in the Texas Hill Country and many parts of the world. They add a vintage touch to custom wine cellars. We use solid steel bars and dual-paned tempered glass. Common wrought iron designs include grapes and grapevines. You may choose a rectangular or an arched top.

Stainless Steel Wine Cellar Doors

Are you looking for a door with a minimalist appeal? A stainless steel door is a solution to your need. This type of door exhibits clean and slender lines and can quickly grab someone’s attention. It is easy to maintain and has high resistance to oxidation.

Work with a Custom Wine Cellar Expert in the Texas Hill Country

You cannot go wrong when you hire a trusted wine room builder like Classic Custom Wine Cellars. If you are reside anywhere in the Texas Hill Country and are planning to build a wine cellar for your home or business, we will help you!

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