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Custom Wine Racks for Your Texas Hill Country Wine Cellar

It is common for wine collectors to experience a dilemma of whether to choose a custom wine rack or a kit racking. With different styles to choose from, it is easy to buy the wrong wine rack. To avoid significant problems in the future, work with Classic Custom Wine Cellars, a trusted builder and installer of custom wine racks.

There is a huge variety of wooden and metal wine racks available for your wine cellar. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect solution that combines form and function for your wine storage.

Custom Wine Racks: A Key Feature in Building Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars 

One of the features that can add value and a luxurious touch to your Texas Hill Country home, hotel, or restaurant is a wine cellar designed with flair and beauty by an expert at Classic Custom Wine Cellars. Your wine racks play a crucial role in achieving the mood and ambiance that you desire for your wine storage and display area.

Whatever your needs and preferences, Classic Custom Wine Cellars will help determine the most suitable design, type, and material for your wine racks. You may choose custom wine racks, kit racking, or a combination of both.

Custom Wine Racks: A Key Feature in Building Residential and Commercial Wine Cellars 

One of the most critical aspects of building a wine cellar is to know all of our client’s requirements. Skipping this step will result in mistakes and severe problems in the future. For Classic Custom Wine Cellars, this is an essential step that helps us build your dream wine cellar using the best components and a design customized for your specific project.

When you choose to work with us in your wine cellar installation project, we will visit the site and gather information from you by asking questions such as:


What is the overall storage capacity that you want to achieve?


What is the style of racking that you want, contempo-rary, traditional, or transitional?


What kind of material do you want your wine racks to be made? Do you prefer readily built or custom wine racks?


What is your budget?


Do you want your wine cooling unit to be installed within the racking? Do you want it hidden or concealed?

Every project is unique, such as this beautiful display that was custom built to maximize storage space while showcasing brands.

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Your answer to each question will help us determine whether wine rack kits or custom wine racks are the best options for you. We make suggestions, but we do not force our clients to choose what we want. As an experienced builder, we want to create a wine cellar that they can be proud.

Custom Wine Racks: the Perfect Option for Wine Collectors Who Want a Unique Wine Cellar with Functional Features

Metal peg racking is perfect for a contemporary and highly effective storage system.

Many of our clients in the Texas Hill Country decide to include custom wine racks in their designs. Customizing the design of your racking will result in a jaw-dropping wine cellar, and offer flexibility and options that aren’t possible with manufactured racking. You can add any feature that you want, such as cigar humidors, cabinets, drawers, and incorporate carvings and other decoration on the wood.

Customizing your wine racks is a bit more expensive than wine rack kits. However, it allows you to make your wine room more personalized. Moreover, it will also fit perfectly regardless of the size and shape of your wine cellar. You do not have to worry about leaving a blank space on your wall because the wine racks you bought were not measured according your room’s dimension. This means that custom wine racks can maximize your storage capacity.

Many homeowners are looking to make use of irregular spaces in their homes, such as the area under the stairs. Your custom wooden or metal wine racks will be designed according to the exact measurement of your space. Waterfall wine racks are an excellent choice to match the descending ceiling under the stairs.

Custom Wine Racks in Home Wine Cellars Designed by Experts 

Classic Custom Wine Cellars work with top-notch dealers in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and other areas in Texas. We combine our creativity and expertise in designing and building residential wine rooms using elegant custom wine racks. In addition to proper wine storage, we want all of our clients to have a long-lasting enjoyment of a unique feature in their home, which can also be of great benefit them if they decide to sell their property in the future.

Custom Wine Racks: How They Benefit Commercial Wine Cellars 

Most owners of a restaurant, hotel, bar, or retail store, invest in a climate-controlled wine cellar to ensure that their products are in good quality when they sell it. Moreover, they know that proper presentation of the wines will have a positive impact on their profitability.

Displaying your wines in custom wine racks will attract the attention of potential customers. They will be enticed to check the wines that you sell and may result in a purchase. In a dining establishment, a tastefully designed commercial wine cellar will enhance the experience your clients, which can be word of mouth. Working with a reliable company like Classic Custom Wine Cellars will help increase your wine and liquor sales by creating a dramatic wine display area for your business.

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Wine Rack Kits: Ideal for Budget-Savvy and Rookies in Wine Collecting

Ready-made wine racks, which are called wine rack kits, are more affordable than custom wine racks. They are stackable and available in various sizes and shapes. We recommend these racks for many of our clents as a way to quickly increase the storage capacity of their racking.

We can also augment wine rack kits with some custom racking to create a wine storage solution that meets all of your needs while being sensitive to budgetary requirements. And combining the kit racking with custom wine racks and working with a specialist in designing wine cellars will help create a wine rack system with a custom appeal. We also have ready-made freestanding and wall-mounted metal wine racks for a more modern style wine cellar.

Work with a Custom Wine Rack Expert 

You want a racking design that is eye-catching, functional, and suits your space and your style. Call Classic Custom Wine Cellars to help you build custom wine racks that will impress guests and serve you well for years to come.
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